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3 Best Google AdSense Alternatives – Make Money from Your Blog

  • 8 months ago
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If your AdSense application was rejected, you are not the only one. Hundreds of accounts are suspended from the Google AdSense program daily. AdSense is the top ad provider on the internet, which is why it is frustrating to be banned from using the platform. AdSense has strict regulations, and it invokes them to ban websites. AdSense may be the best there is but it may not generate much revenue depending on your niche. Thankfully, there are other platforms you can use to supplement your income from AdSense or turn to should your website be banned. These alternatives include:

1. Ezoic.com



Ezoic is a Google-certified partner and is among the oldest ad operation platforms. Ezoic also implements web-testing by recommending improvements to optimize the user experience. It will test various website layouts, ad positions, and types. These placements will be tested across tablet, mobile, and computer devices to identify the combination that will generate the most revenue.

Ezoic looks at information like how long users stay on your website and the number of pages they view. Improved user experience not only increases visitor-traffic but it ranks better on search engines. Ezoic makes use of artificial machine learning to identify the winning combinations.

Ezoic has a free plan for bloggers where it earns money by including an ad at the bottom of your site. The paid packages start at $49/month, and you can earn up to $1,000 every month. The site’s minimum payout is $20 which you can withdraw using Check, Paypal, Dwolla ID, Dwolla Email, and transfers via Payoneer.

Since it is certified by Google, Ezoic can display more ads on your website than you can. It makes use of many ad networks and is, therefore, able to choose quality and high-paying ones. The platform further ensures that you do not violate the terms of any advertiser. Another advantage of Ezoic is that it can be integrated with any Content Management System.Get Started with Ezoic Ads

2. Media.net



Media.net ranks among the best alternatives to AdSense. It serves as the ad provider for Bing and Yahoo. It prides in offering innovative ad services for advertisers and publishers. Media.net has a staff of over 500 scattered in key centers like New York, Zurich, Dubai, Los Angeles, Bangalore, and Mumbai. Some of the platform’s publisher clients are Reuters, Forbes, and Kiplinger.

Media.net primarily features contextual ads, and it may take some time for the ads to optimize on your website. The ads evaluate your site’s content and show keywords that are relevant to the surrounding information. As the sample size increases, an algorithm will identify the keywords that attract the most clicks and revenue for the specific audience. Media.net accepts sites with premium content regardless of their size and scale. You should, therefore, commit a substantial sample size to the network to correctly estimate the potential revenue on Media.net. It pays on a NET 30 basis and payments are made via Payoneer.

The network takes an average of two days to approve your application and will disburse an additional 10% above your earnings in the initial three months. One of the ways this platform differentiates itself is by having a dedicated account rep. Publishers using Media.net will get access to an expert to answer queries and offer recommendations.Get Started with Media.net

3. Mediavine



Mediavine allocates 70% of advertising share to its publishers which is more favorable than the 68% given by AdSense. Top performing publishers earn 75% in commission. The network began operating in 2004 from its headquarters in Florida, US. While it’s free to sign up to Mediavine, your site must have had at least 25,000 sessions in the last 30 days. Mediavine prefers working with websites with organic traffic meaning that your site should rank high on search engines.

It evaluates your site’s Google Analytics and getting approved might even be harder on this platform than on AdSense.Mediavine does not accept sites centered on Asian nations like Pakistan and Nepal. Their policy does not also allow their signees to work with other ad distributors on their websites.

An advantage to using Mediavine is that you get well-detailed data on your dashboard. You can use the provided charts and graphs to evaluate your earnings, the ad units on your site, and the platforms raking in the most impressions. Ads can slow load speeds and lead to negative rankings on search engines. Mediavine has tested various technology so that their ads comply with ad placement strategies and SEO. The ads have also been tested on their blogs to make sure they don’t slow down your website. Mediavine also has excellent customer service.

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